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Production spanned from thru The Su-2 remains an effective aircraft with capable equipment such as updated avionics and weapon systems.

For Sale is a 1959 Mig 17F fighter aircraft. This airplane was built in Poland as a LIM 5 with.

Pricing: P. In a need for more information? Cockpit is complete, incl driver seat, clocks in panels etc. Also a NEW!!! Inspection by Appointment. More Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG legacy [click here]. Tu was truck-launched w. RATO booster, recovered by parachute.

Russian Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 FRESCO - Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-17 (Avios/HobbyKing 90mm EDF RC JET)

Engine TR turbojet5. One of a few left. A great and unique project. This SAAB 35 project can be bought or traded for other unique aircraft.

mig 17 for sale price

It came without any on-board radar system. Swedish low-tech goes advanced, good to know isn't it. Watch -a- Video! A great and unique chance and possible the very last chance to actually find a "good or bad project". It's one of the last survivors of its kind. SAAB 29 is a great and unique project. This AC also made history and are known from the war in Congo in the early th.

The S 29 C was the photo reconnaissance version "Kodac". The test aircraft flew for the first time in June The S 29 C was based on the JB fighter version. The nose section was redesigned to get room for the camera equipment.It is an advanced development of the similar looking MiG of the Korean War. MiGs first saw combat in in the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis and later proved to be an effective threat against more modern supersonic fighters of the United States in the Vietnam War.

mig 17 for sale price

It was also briefly known as the Type 38 by U. While the MiGbis introduced swept wings to air combat over Korea, the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau had already begun work on its replacement in originally the MiGbis45 in order to fix any problems found with the MiG in combat.

The design would ultimately still prove effective into the s when pressed into subsonic dogfights over Vietnam against much faster planes which were not optimized for maneuvering in such slower speed, short-range engagements. While the MiG used a Mach sensor to deploy airbrakes because it could not safely exceed Mach 0.

Later MiGs would be the first Soviet fighter application of an afterburner which offered increased thrust on demand by dumping fuel in the exhaust of the basic engine. Though the MiG still strongly resembles its forebear, it had an entirely new thinner and more highly swept wing and tailplane for speeds approaching Mach 1.

While the F introduced the "all-flying" tailplane which helped controllability near the speed of sound, this would not be adopted on MiGs until the fully supersonic MiG Other easily visible differences to its predecessor were the addition of a third wing fence on each wing, the addition of a ventral fin and a longer and less tapered rear fuselage that added about one meter in length. The MiG shared the same Klimov VK-1 engine, and much of the rest of its construction such as the forward fuselage, landing gear and gun installation was carried over.

In the midst of testing, pilot Ivan Ivashchenko was killed when his aircraft developed flutter which tore off his horizontal tail, causing a spin and crash on 17 March Lack of wing stiffness also resulted in aileron reversal which was discovered and fixed. Construction and tests of additional prototypes " SI-2 " and experimental series aircraft " SI " and " SI " inwere generally successful. On 1 Septemberthe aircraft was accepted for production, and formally given its own MiG designation after so many changes from the original MiG Serial production started in Augustbut large quantity production was delayed in favor of producing more MiGs so it was never introduced in the Korean War.

mig 17 for sale price

It did not enter service until Octoberwhen the MiG was almost ready to be flight tested. During production, the aircraft was improved and modified several times. The basic MiG was a general-purpose day fighter, armed with three cannonsone Nudelman N 37mm cannon and two 23mm with 80 rounds per gun, rounds total. It could also act as a fighter-bomberbut its bombload was considered light relative to other aircraft of the time, and it usually carried additional fuel tanks instead of bombs.

Although a canopy which provided clear vision to the rear necessary for dogfighting like the F was designed, production MiGFs got a cheaper rear-view periscope which would still appear on Soviet fighters as late as the MiG Bypilots got safer ejection seats with protective face curtain and leg restraints like the Martin-Baker seats in the west. The combination would prove deadly over the skies of Vietnam against aircraft such as the F-4 Phantom whose pilots lamented that guns and radar gunsights had been omitted as obsolescent.

Soon a number of MiGP "Fresco B" all-weather fighters were produced with the Izumrud radar and front air intake modifications. In early the MiGF day fighter entered production. The "F" indicated it was fitted with the VK-1F engine with an afterburner by modifying the rear fuselage with a new convergent-divergent nozzle and fuel system. The afterburner doubled the rate of climb and greatly improved vertical maneuvers. But while the plane was not designed to be supersonic, skilled pilots could just dash to supersonic speed in a shallow dive, although the aircraft would often pitch up just short of Mach 1.

This became the most popular variant of the MiG Over 2, were built under licence in Poland and China. InPoland received a license for MiG production. The first Lim-5 was built on 28 November and were built by The Chinese-built version is known as the Shenyang J-5 for local use or F-5 for export. Altogether of these single-seater variants were built.

MiGs were designed to intercept straight-and-level-flying enemy bombers, not for air-to-air combat dogfighting with other fighters. It was not however able to intercept the new generation of British jet bombers such as the Avro Vulcan and Handley Page Victorwhich could both fly higher. Inthe first group of approximately 50 North Vietnamese airmen were transferred to the PRC to begin transitional training onto the MiG These airmen would create North Vietnam's first jet fighter regiment, the st.Read times.

Wombat Captain Posts: Its a decent idea, after all. The MiG has long been one of my favorite Soviet eye-candy and right up there with the Saab JAS 39 Gripen with my all-time favorite jetsso it stands to reason that the prospect of buying one reasonably cheap is worth considering. Sure it'd a pain to store.

MIKOYAN Jets Aircraft For Sale

I suggested putting it in the kids room under the stipulation than there would be absolutely no heat-sinking missiles shot after 9pm, but obviously kids will be kids.

Naturally gas would be pricey, but I figure a twice a year strafing run over downtown Tulsa would be quite the stress killer Seriously though, for the jet noob, what all would be involved in owning your own Cold War-era MiG? Several miles worth of FAA red tape, for starters. As a former military aircraft, it would operate under an 'experimental' tag that's where all warbirds end up if flown in civilian liferequire inspections, licensing, all of that fun stuff.

mig 17 for sale price

You'd probably end up paying a couple of times again the price of the plane to get it all done- and then you have to factor in spare parts, fuel, renting hangar space You ARE trained to fly Soviet single-engine fighters, right? And then, there's the price. A fighter jet THAT cheap? If it requires lots of refurbishment, it might be several million to get it flightworthy- and a lot of digging around in old Russian boneyards, since no one had made parts for the MiG in a few decades.

More hassle than it's worth, honestly. That said, the warbird enthusiast here sees one hell of a fun ride if it all happened. Very nice aircraft- agile, forgiveable of mistakes, and the talk of any airshow it shows up at. Iron Mongoose Lieutenant Posts: Don't you know, you're all my very best friends. A quick read indicates that its not presently working, and a bit of guess work hints that its probably not as close to working as one might like to think.

If you had money to burn and you just wanted a bit of 'art' you could probably buy it as is, import it as a non-functional hulk on a boat and on a truck and just keep it in the yard, and the shipping wouldn't probably cost too much more than another 50K, with a bit less red tape but still quite a bit. If you ever wanted to hope to use it, probably the cost to hire someone to go over it to do a sort of moth ball job, but you could skip that step if you didn't care about it as more than a lawn decoration.

Of course, for k you could probably just have a mock up built to order for you. On a positive note, its currently in Illinois. And sadly, I'm not quite that rich. I'd have to sell my house, two card, and one of my children possibly the husband's kidneys to afford it.

It'd be a gas though If it's already in the States and you're not planning on flying it, then it's just a matter of pulling the wings and maybe tail off, hiring a tractor-trailer to haul it, and finding a spot to display it.

If you pay more than five-six thousand for all that, then you've been ripped-off. BattleTech is a huge house, it's not any one fan's or "type" of fans. If you need to relieve yourself, use the bathroom not another BattleTech fan. The biggest costs are importing from another nation then getting it and keeping it in a flying state.

PM me, come be a heretic too. Arkansas Warrior Lieutenant Colonel Posts: I'd rather get a Superfort and turn it into a winged highly mobile home. Sunrise is Coming.We use cookies to help you get the best experience when using our website. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy. Post Your Article. Welcome to GlobalAir. Login Register. Search by Aviation Directory Home. Occupancy Crew : 1 Passengers : 1. Range Max Range : nm Service Ceiling : ft.

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Buy It Now. Brand see all Brand. ESCI 2. Hasegawa Hobby Master 6. SMER 2. Unbranded 5. Age Level see all Age Level. Not Specified Featured Refinements see all Featured Refinements. Plastic Model Kit 3. Shop For see all Shop For. Features see all Features. Kit Scale see all Scale. Not Specified 5.Inhe took a job as an engineer with General Motors and stayed with the company for 34 years.

During that time, he took a five-year leave of absence to serve as an officer in the U. Navy in charge of ship construction before returning to GM and transitioning to the Naval Reserve for another 19 years. So when he became the owner of a MiG that was destined for a scrapyard in Poland, he was going to finish its restoration, no matter what obstacles he ran into.

And he ran into a bunch. Without corporate sponsorship or private donors, Blanchette worked on the single-engine, swept-wing jet fighter for more than 17 years. He not only finished its restoration, he turned it into an airshow star. Along the way, he learned a thing or two about MiGs.

The MiGP was the first Soviet fighter capable of defending Soviet airspace at night and during inclement weather. Their significance in the Vietnam War made them attractive to both collectors and museums alike. In need of more, the Polish government licensed the aircraft from the Soviets and began building them in Mielec, where the jet was known locally as the Lim-5P. Only Lim-5Ps were built in Mielec over a period of two years. It was then delivered to the Polish Air Force, with part of its serial number——stenciled in red on both sides of the nose.

After being disassembled in Poland during the winter ofthe MiG arrived Stateside. Many of the parts on the plane are hand-fitted, so I had to make everything that was missing. Blanchette had restored cars, but this was his first time restoring his own aircraft. The wingtips were crushed. We had to make trailing edges. Those were difficult jobs. Still, Blanchette was determined to see the project through. He enlisted the help of two MiG-savvy mechanics from Poland, who periodically came to the United States to assist MiG owners with their restorations.

Keeping a roof over the project proved a challenge.It is always interesting to see what surplus military hardware ends up on the private market. While browsing aircraft classified ads I came across this mint condition, swing-wing Tornado F2A fighter-interceptor for sale.

I have never seen one of these beauties on the market, so I had to contact the seller to get the low-down. First off, a little background. Generally speaking, the Panavia Tornado was built in three primary variants. The IDS model was optimized for interdiction and strike. The third variant is the ECR which fills the suppression of enemy air defenses role primarily.

This designation denotes that it has the primary configuration of the F2 but it is a unique testbed aircraft. A Tornado ADV bristling with weaponry and external fuel tanks. External tanks were also carried on their rotating wing pylons. A total of examples were built.


Although the Tornado was not known to be highly competitive as a close-in fighter, it had a big radar aperture and long-legs, and it could dash at supersonic speeds fairly efficiently due to its swing-wing design. In all, the jet for sale is a serious piece of military hardware that has a top-speed potential of mach 2. Because this particular jet flew as a testbed for a variety of sub-systems and Tornado upgrades, it has very low hours and has been babied its whole life.

In fact, the jet never even clocked up 1, flight hours. Here is the listing description for the Tornado being offered:. The only F2A variant Tornado aircraft in existence.

Airframe hours are a ridiculously low hrs. She comes complete with MOD F as well as a detailed print out log of all the flights ever flown including landing, take-off, rollers and arrested landings she ever performed. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The aircraft was fully assembled on 7th December prior to us dismantling and extracting it for road haulage. The photos showing the assembled aircraft were taken the day prior to disassembly.

The aircraft was fully fueled and a defuel was conducted on the 3rd of November when external power was last applied. All fuel pumps were run during the defuel process. Internal battery electrical power was last applied on the 7th of December as part of the dismantling process and cockpit lighting systems were tested at this time. The aircraft is now in storage in a heated hangar as per the photo below.

The aircraft was hydraulically sound prior to being dismantled with accumulators charged. This should give an idea of how intact and complete this aircraft is, truly an incredibly rare opportunity to own one of our most exciting aircraft to date! The people over at Jet Art Aviation who have the Tornado F2A listing are obviously passionate about military aviation.

Managing Director Chris Wilson was more than happy to give Foxtrot Alpha the gouge on this incredible machine. The first thing I wanted to ask was if this jet could ever fly in private hands; the answer was pretty clearly a big yes, although for legal purposes Jet Art Aviation had to clarify that they are technically not selling it as flying aircraft. Here is how our exchange went:. Foxtrot Alpha: Do you envision this aircraft to be flown again?

In other words, could an adversary support contractor buy this aircraft and fly it again? What about a private citizen? The aircraft is very complete and theoretically could be rebuilt and ground run within a small time frame.

We can sell to both companies and private buyers.


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